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Ethnic and Cultural Diversity: Videos

Films on Demand

Films on Demand: Streaming current and historical videos including news footage, educational videos, and documentaries.

Academic Video Online

Academic Video Online: Streaming thousands of videos, fully transcribed and indexed for subjects, people, places, release date, language, publisher, and video type.

Sample Film 

"Taken from her family at the age of thirteen to an Indian boarding school and consequently criminalized as a runaway, Ella Rodriguez spent her early years labeled as a juvenile delinquent. Buried Stories follows Ella in her seventies as she finally faces these memories. This journey extends to her ancient past as her work in archaeology unearths lost dimensions of her cultural heritage."

Selected Filmographies

Asian American Filmography: From Columbia University, New York.

Filmography/Immigration-Related Movies: From the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

The Movies, Race and Ethnicity: African Americans: From the Media Resources Center at Moffit Library, UC Berkeley.

The Movies, Race and Ethnicity: Images of Arabs and the Middle East: From the Media Resources Center at Moffit Library, UC Berkeley.