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Ethnic and Cultural Diversity: Articles

Article Databases, Skyline College Library

OneSearch (To log into our databases off-campus you'll need to use your email or Canvas login.)

Search most of Skyline Library's article databases and book catalog to find a wide range of articles from academic journals, popular magazines, newspapers and reference sources, e-books & other documents, plus print books available in the library.

Click on the link above to open a new database window

To search for more than one "concept", click on Advanced Search below the Search box.

In each search box, type the search word(s) for a separate concept.

Type an OR between synonymous words for the same concept.

Use an * to search for multiple words from the same root, e.g. legal* will find articles with the words: legal, legalize, legally

Use quote marks (“ ”) around search phrases (multiple words that should be searched together), e.g. “human rights”

For example:

         Native Americans

"native language*" OR "indigenous language"

education OR instruction OR teaching


Click the “Search” button to begin a search.

When the results page is displayed, click on an article title to see detailed information and a summary of the article.

To see the full-text of an article, click on PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text at the left of the detailed information page.

To print or e-mail an article, click on the print or e-mail buttons at the right of the article.

A source citation will also be sent when you email a document. You can select the citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago) from the menu in the email box.

Article Databases, Skyline College Library

JSTOR - Scholarly journals archives -  (To log into our databases off-campus you'll need to use your email or Canvas login.)
Back issues of important academic journals, including many historical journals (no current issues) going back to 1838. Best for in-depth academic journal articles on all historical topics except recent history and articles published within the last 3 – 5 years.