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Nutrition Research: Web Resources

FCS 310 Nutrition

Articles from the Web

Google Scholar
Google’s academic search engine
accesses a wide range of academic articles, books and court opinions. Use the search box below to search Google Scholar.

Google Scholar

Many of the articles only provide abstracts (summaries) of articles, not the full-text (or a significant charge is required for the full article). You can retrieve the full-text of most of these articles by using the Skyline College Library Article Delivery Service.

To search for multiple concepts, use ORs between words for the same concept, quotes around phrases, parentheses around each concept, and ANDs between concepts, e.g. ("nutritional supplements" OR "dietary supplements") AND (health OR effect OR outcome

Other Web Resources

Medline Plus Health Information
General health information from the National Library of Medicine

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy Diseases & Conditions
Quality information on an extensive number of diseases and conditions. Do not click on "Sponsored Results".