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English 105 CIPHER Sapigao

Our Information Bubbles, Social Media & Privacy

Do we each live in our own information bubble?  If so, how is that bubble formed? What's Social Media impact on this bubble?  What influences it's content?  How can we influence its content? 

Social Media Dilemma Movie Trailer

Algorithms of Oppression

Google Settings


  • Google Apps are linked. 
    • Signed into gmail or Depending on your settings, your search history is saved and used to personalize your search results.


  • Not signed into gmail or There are default settings that effect your search results automatically.
    • Example: Region (defaults to your current location)


  • You can specify results from a different location

  • You can change the search to pull up results in a specific language from a specific region.

What data/Information is collected about us? What profile do "they" have of me?

What are the ways information is collected about your behavior online? What kind of information is collected? How might it shape the information you see when you're searching online?


A.  Visit these two websites

What surprised you about the data that browsers and webpages may track? 



B. Visit at least one of these sites
Are your ad profiles accurate or  inaccurate?  Do they reveal anything about you and your information habits?



C.  What information can you find about your self and your search history do at least one of the following? 

What surprised you about this experience?  Was there more or less information than you expected to find? 



In Class Reflection?

Use notes from the in class discussion, reflection and Jamboard, to write a  reflection about one of the following sets of questions:

  1. Are the online platforms we use part of media literacy teaching and learning?  In what way? 
  2. Which ideas in 5 core concepts relate to online tools( for example google) and social media apps (for example Tiktok)?
  3. What, if anything surprised you about what the session today and the sites visited? 
  4. What concerns do you  have about data/Information is collected?

Hip Hop & Technology


Out of class reflections:

Ad Journal Log 

For a week, please take notes on the ads that appear when you're online using social media apps (Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)  and/or while using google apps.  Log information/description about the ad was for and the name of the app/platform where you saw it.  Is there a pattern or theme to the ads you see online?  Are the ads targeting your interests or interests of the people you live with?  Do the targeted ads accurately or inaccurately to your life and interests? 


Read this brief article.   According to research, streaming music services like Spotify or Amazon Music or Apple Music give less accurate recommendation to dedicated music fans of specific types of music, including Hip Hop, Punk & Heavy Metal.  Has that been your experience when using streaming music services?   If so, please describe any patterns you notice in relationship the ads you see in your social media and the music you stream.