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Google Scholar

Citation Chaining

Google Scholar definitely has its uses but often it is faster and simpler to go to library databases first and only go to google scholar if needed. 

Google Scholar is interesting to use for an advanced form of library research often used by Professors and graduate students called citation chaining. For citation chaining, Google Scholar is a go-to tool.

Citation chaining has two forms:

  • Backwards citation changing-you look in the bibliography, works cited, or reference list for articles listed there and locate those articles for use in your own work). 
  • Forward citation chaining- you take an article, search it in google scholar and use the cited by a link to find articles that have cited the article you searched in their own work cited pages.

google scholar chain.PNG

Hope you find this helpful and please let us know if you have any questions about library resources and/or about searching for information

Here is a video about citation chaining.

Citation Chaining with Google Scholar