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How to use eBooks

Ebsco ebooks

EBSCO is one of the ebook providers used by the Skyline Library. You can access material in real time, or save a portion to read on your device offline.

Some EBSCO ebooks do allow for downloads, but it requires making your own individual account with EBSCO. Instead, you may want to use the Email or Print functions to get a PDF of a section of the ebook. 

Reading eBooks online

EBSCO’s online eBook Viewer supports reading on desktop or laptop computers and tablet devices.
The reader is browser-based, so there’s no need to download special software or hardware; users simply search, click and immediately start reading.

To read an eBook within your browser, click the PDF Full Text link or EPUB Full Text link. Either links can be found on the the Result List

Or Detailed Record

This tutorial demonstrates how to read EBSCO  eBooks in EBSCOhost online in your browser.