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Human Library @ Skyline College Library

Welcome to the Human Library

The Human Library was developed in Copenhagen in the spring of 2000 as a project designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.  Since that time, hundreds of Human Library events have been held around the world.  

Find out more about the Human Library Project at

Skyline College Library & Learning Center began hosting the Human Library in 2018 with support from a President's Innovation Fund (PIF).

On April 24, several “human books” will share their experiences as volunteers with "readers" via Zoom. 

The Human Library is open! To speak with a "human book," sign up as a "reader" and have a one-on-one conversation. (See below, "How You Can Participate on April 24")

Curious? Check out our Human Library Book Archives to read up on Books who've participated since 2018.

How You Can Participate on April 24.

Here are some steps for Readers and Books for our April 24 virtual Human Library event.

I want to be a Reader on April 24:

1. Browse the Human Book List

2. After you decide which book(s) to read, sign up here

3. Review the Information for Readers.

4. Check out the Zoom Instructions.

5. On April 24th, sign onto Zoom using the link that was emailed to you.


I've signed up to be a Book on April 24. What next?

1. Browse the Guidelines for Books and Conversation Starters.

2. Review the Zoom Instructions.

3. On April 24th, sign onto Zoom using the link that was email to you.

Questions? Contact Pia Walawalkar at


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