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Human Library @ Skyline College Library

Welcome, Readers!

Thank you for signing up to be a Reader in the Human Library on April 24th!

We encourage you to browse Information for Readers and Conversation Starters below before you begin your Zoom session. Enjoy! 

Information for Readers

Here are some guidelines to consider before you enter the Human Library:

  • All of our Books are volunteers who have signed up share their stories. For some Books, this has taken a lot of courage!
  • The "loan" period for each Book is 20-30 minutes.
  • Readers may sign up and reserve up to TWO Books ahead of time.
  • Readers are respectful and leave their Book in the same mental and physical condition as borrowed.
  • Though this is unlikely, Readers should accept that their Book can end the conversation for any reason.
  • The Reader cannot record or videotape the Human Book. The conversation between Books and Readers is private.
  • The Human Library encourages Readers to participate in follow-up surveys about their Human Library experience.

Ready to begin?

Here are steps for Readers for our April 24 virtual Human Library event.

1. Browse the Human Book List.

2. After you decide which book(s) to read, sign up here

3. Review the Information for Readers (above).

4. Check out the Zoom Instructions.

Questions? Contact Pia Walawalkar at