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Human Library @ Skyline College Library

Apply to be a Human "Book"

If you've ever felt misunderstood or discriminated against, and you would like to have a chance to clarify perceptions or misconceptions about your experience or identity, we invite you to be a book. If you have a story of a life changing journey or experience that has shaped your life, we would love to hear that too.

To get started, please fill out the Human Library participation interest form for Human Books.

What to Expect at The Human Library

The Human Library event brings together human “books” and “readers” in order for the Skyline College community to embrace diversity though conversation and understanding of personal experiences. We hope the event will provide our community members with the opportunity to meet and talk with someone they would not normally encounter, helping them understand the experiences of others.

We are seeking individuals willing to share their stories as a Human Book.  All those who agree to be a Human Book should expect to join in the following:

  • Attend an orientation meeting for all Human Books
  • Participate in the Human Library Event
    • Craft a title and brief description of your book.
    • Be willing to share your story within a small group discussion.  A moderator will be present during the discussion.   
    • Be able to communicate with Human Library participants without judgement.
    • Create and maintain a respectful, safe environment that encourages dialogue.
  • Provide feedback on your Human Library experience.

Information on the Human Library, a worldwide movement for social change, can be found at: