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Library Events & Outreach, 2020-2021

Cast Your Vote, Own Your Power

It is a cruel irony that many students are eligible to vote and will live with the November 2020 election results for longer than most of us, yet are not likely to vote. To help address this, we’re hosting community organizers and local officials for a discussion on one of today’s more relevant topics: voting for justice. All are welcome! 

Students: Please join us on October 13, 2020, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m., for Cast Your Vote: Own Your Power, a virtual discussion on ballot measures that address injustice rooted in economic inequality. Register here. Faculty: You're invited, too. We respectfully ask you to offer extra credit or to make the event an assignment.  In return, we promise relevant learning, engaging discussion, and social solidarity many of us are craving. 

Cast Your Vote: Own Your Power - Tuesday, 10/13, 4:30 – 6:30 


4:30 - Introduction and audience check-in

4:35 - Discussion on Proposition 15 with the California Federation of Teachers, followed by Q&A

5:05 - Voting and organizing for justice, a conversation with Councilwoman Amourence Lee, candidate James Coleman, and representatives from Coalition Z and Change SSF

5:45 - Q & A (by students for students)

6:15+  Casual Social Connection & Reflection

Students will have the opportunity to ask and vote on questions throughout the event. The session will be recorded so attendees, students, and others will have access to the event later.

This event is co-presented by the Skyline College ASSC, and Skyline College Library, Social Sciences professors Rika Fabian and Jesse Raskin and also in collaboration with San Francisco Peninsula People Power

Register today here!

Please contact us if you have any questions

Alvin, Jesse, Rika and Pia

Are you registered to vote?

This election, every registered voter will be mailed a ballot. Check if you are registered at the correct address. 

In-person voting locations are changing because of the pandemic. If you are voting in person, here’s where to find your polling place

The deadline to register to vote online is Oct. 19. After that, you can still register to vote and update your address in person at select locations.


Develop your Political Power!

The ASSC and Skyline College Library Presents: Develop Your Political Power


Have an impact on our community. Be a registered voter!

September 16 - 22, 1PM to 2PM, Zoom Meeting I.D. is 650 738 4275

This year's voting cycle will have a major impact on our short- and long-term future. 

Take a step towards practicing your personal power through political action. Learn how to register to vote online.

Students may register for their workshop for free here:

National Voter Registration Day

The Library and Learning Center are pleased to announce National Voter Registration Day: Tuesday, September 22.

This link provides easy steps for you to register to vote for the first time. If you don’t remember if you’re registered, you can also check your registration status and sign up to track your ballot. All you need is 3 or 4 minutes and your California driver's license number.

Register to Vote | National Voter Registration Day

Find out about voter registration deadlines by state, voting times and locations, whether or not you’re eligible to register, and more. Visit our voter help page.

Why should students vote? The outcomes of the November 3rd election will dramatically affect the next four years of our lives. This two minute video provides a good reminder.

Americans have fought long and hard for voting rights and the fight against voter suppression is ongoing. This Skyline College Library resource includes criteria for who can vote and the history of the fight for voting rights.

Voting Rights & Voter Suppression - Antiracism: A Resource Guide - LibGuides at Skyline College


Recognizing and respecting that not all of our Skyline College students or employees are eligible to vote, we hope you'll share this page with friends and classmates.