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Library Events & Outreach, 2020-2021

Women in STEM Panel: November 10, 2020

Skyline College Library is pleased to partner with the STEM Center Science In Action Speaker Series, presenting a panel discussion led by Skyline faculty Women in STEM. 

The event will take place Tuesday, November 10 from 4:30-5:30pm by Zoom.

The panel’s featured participants -- including Carla Grandy, Phd., Morelia Karina Cruz, Mayra Lopez-Thibodeaux, Beatriz Qura del Rio, and Susanne Schubert, PhD  -- will share their experiences in their fields, lessons they have learned along the way, and what drives them to do the work they do. Their brief biographies appear below.

The panelists would like to respond to questions from the audience. Submit your questions (or vote for your favorite) by clicking on our Slido event link.

The STEM Center’s YouTube channel is also live and includes all talks. On the Science In Action page, you can also click on the presenter's name to access their corresponding YouTube video.


Want to know more? Read about last Spring's event here.

Please share this opportunity with your students. We’ll see you at 4:30pm on November 10th!

Women in STEM: Speaker Biographies

Morelia Karina Cruz

Morelia (also known as Karina) is a first-generation Mexican American student who received her Associate in Science Degree for Transfer in Mathematics and Physics at Skyline College. She was a part of organizations like the Associated Students of Skyline College, Engineering and Tech Scholars, the Latin American Student Organization club, and the Women in Science and Engineering club. She transferred to the University of California, Berkeley and is currently studying Mathematics and working as a STEM Center Peer Mentor at Skyline College. She will graduate in 2022 and plans to work in Tech as a Data Scientist.

Carla Grandy, PhD

Carla Grandy is Dean of the STEM Division at Skyline College. Prior to that she was Earth Science Faculty for 13 years. Carla has a B.S. in Environmental Geology from Texas Christian University, a M.S. in Oceanography from Oregon State University, and a PhD in Earth Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Carla has worked as a Hydrologist and Coastal Specialist in the Environmental Field. At Skyline, Carla coordinated the sustainability work on campus as well as serving as faculty advisor for the Energize Colleges Program.

Mayra Lopez-Thibodeaux

I grew up in Mexico, and moved to San Francisco as a young adult. I am a former Skyline College student who transferred to San Francisco State University (SFSU) to earned a B.S. in Astrophysics. I started doing research in dark matter in my second year at SFSU and continued doing so for the next three years after graduation at Berkeley's Space Science Lab and Berkeley-Lawrence National Laboratory. I am now a graduate student of Aerospace Engineering at San Jose State University and working in my Master's Project. I was a graduate tutor at the Learning Center for four years before coming to the STEM Center in the beginning of this year as an Instructional Aid where I really enjoy tutoring students in Math and Physics and coordinating the PI Leader program.

Beatriz Qura del Rio

My name is Beatriz Qura del Rio, I am originally from Lima-Peru. I came to the USA when I was 20 years old and started my education at Canada College taking the last level of ESL. I transferred to College of San Mateo in 1994 and took my lower division classes and then transferred to CSU East Bay obtaining a BS in Biological Science in 2002. After working as a lab assistant at a hematology lab, I developed great interest in patient care and decided to enter the Respiratory Care Program at Skyline College.

I graduated from Skyline College in 2005 and since then I have been working as a Respiratory Care Practitioner at the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System. I am new in the academia field but I have always liked teaching students doing their clinical rotations and training new employees in my health institution. In addition, I have a part time job at Foothill College as a clinical advisor

This is my first semester as a fulltime faculty professor so I am learning and enjoying acquiring new skills and knowledge in technology and pedagogy.

I am very happy and grateful to have the opportunity to utilize my knowledge and skills as a Respiratory Care Practitioner and also to contribute to my community and preparing our students to become great healthcare professionals who could be agents of change and serve as patient advocates.

Susanne Schubert, PhD

Susanne was born and raised in the eastern part of Germany. She studied and received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Free University in Berlin. Susanne started her teaching career in 2018 that led her to join Skyline College in the fall of 2020. Before jumping into teaching, Susanne worked at several research laboratories in Germany and the US. When she can get away from her computer, Susanne enjoys the great outdoors with her family, and she cannot wait for the moment it becomes again safe to travel so that she can tend to her ever-growing travel bug.