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Library Events & Outreach, 2021-2022

November 2021 Poetry Corner

On Thursday, November 18 at 4:30pm, as part of our ongoing Poetry Corner Series, Skyline College Library is pleased to present a virtual poetry event that celebrates poetry in non-English languages.

Students are welcome to bring one poem (self-written or a favorite) in a non-English language and then read a translation of it in English. 

Please register here:

This Poetry Corner event will be facilitated by Pia Walawalkar in collaboration with Prof. Lucia Lachmayr and Prof. Rob Williams. Faculty are encouraged to bring their class and/or consider offering credit for participation. 

Questions? Please Contact Pia Walawalkar, Outreach & Equity Librarian <>

Selections from the Library

Poetry Research Guide

Check out our Poetry research guide! It's designed to help you find research materials for 20th and 21st century poetry and poets.  In addition, you'll find:

  • New poetry (books) available from the Library
  • How to find poetry at the Library
  • Library article databases for researching 20th and 21st century poets and poetry.
  • Recommended Poetry websites
  • Skyline Students Poetry and Writings
  • Past Poetry Events at Skyline College