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ENGL 100 & 105 - Art as activism: Web Resources

Web Resources


Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 30 artists committed to social, environmental, and political engagement.


Art and Feminism

Ware students, librarians, professors, artists, art workers, and art lovers who create meaningful changes to the body of knowledge available about women on Wikipedia.


The archive of the feminist art collective, The Heresies, published from 1977-1993.


non-profit store that circulates over 32,000 publications annually on behalf of artists and small presses.​​ 

The Interference Archive 

The mission of Interference Archive is to explore the relationship between cultural production ansocial movements. This work manifests in an open stacks archival collection, publications, a study center, and public programs including as exhibitions, workshops, talks, and screenings, all of which encourage critical and creative engagement with the rich history of social movements. 


Web Searching

Google search 

To search for multiple concepts: 
- use ORs between words for the same concept, 
- use quotes (" ") around phrases.
-  Google does not use the *

To limit to a specific domain, use site: in front of the domain name (no spaces)   will limit a search to just .edu sites OR   will limit a search to either .edu or .gov sites  will exclude .com sites

Complete search example: 

art "political dissidence" site:edu filetype:pdf

art "political dissidence"

To limit to a specific websiteuse site: in front of the website address (no spaces)

The Atlantic           (

The New Yorker     (

NPR                       (

New York Times     ( 

Washington Post (