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Intro to Research Skills - Middle College: Home

Guide for Research Essay


Pay attention to what is being asked of you! 

Example From an Essay Prompt:

Current research suggest that because teenagers have different sleep patterns; they would benefit from beginning the school school day at a later time.  Many school districts are currently exploring the option of adopting a later start to the school day for the next year.  Consider some of the benefits and disadvantages to starting school later in the day. Take a position on this issue. 

Your Professors will require various types of resources which may include the following: 

Cite at least one  scholarly journal article that supports your position. (Academic Journal)
Cite at least one article from a reputable  outside source that supports your position. (Magazine)
Include and cite one article from the Internet (Google Search)
You must submit an annotated bibliography with your essay. 
Citations must be done APA format.  Feel free to use a citation generator, such as the one linked below.