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Outliers: Sources Cited in Outliers

Sources Cited by

Chapt. 1   Matthew Effect  /  Relative Age Effect

“Unequal Competition as an Impediment to Personal Development: A Review of the Relative Age Effect in Sport”

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Chapt. 2   The 10,000-hour rule  /  Deliberate Practice

“BSD Unix: Power to the people, from the code: How Berkeley hackers built the Net's most fabled free operating system on the ashes of the '60s -- and then lost the lead to Linux.”  By Andrew Leonard

Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance

Creativity and Knowledge: A Challenge to Theories


Chapts 3 & 4: Geniuses

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Limits of IQ: Lewis Terman & J. Robert Oppenheimer:

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Chapt. 5   Era of birth  /  Demographic trough / Optimum Time to Be Born

Birth and fortune: the impact of numbers on personal welfare By Richard A. Easterlin  (Google Books)

 “Demographic trough babies” My Narrative Banter (blog)

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Chapt. 6   Harlan, Kentucky

“Social Disorganization and Reorganization in Harlan County, Kentucky.” Paul Frederick Cressey.

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Chapt. 7  Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes

NTSB. Review of flight crew-involved, major accidents of U.S. air carriers,1978 through 1990.

NTSB Aircraft accident report. Avianca 052 crash

Cultural diversity and crew communication

Culture in the Cockpit: Do Hofstede’s Dimensions Replicate?

Intercultural Communication in Cognitive Values


Chapt. 8  Rice paddies / Math tests

"If Man Works Hard the Land Will Not Be Lazy": Entrepreneurial Values in North Chinese Peasant Proverbs - R. David Arkush

Predictors of national differences in mathematics and science achievement of eighth grade students

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

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Chapt. 9   KIPP /  summer school

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