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MLA Citation Style 7th Edition: Interviews

Citation Format for Interviews

Important: Always begin your citation with the name of the person interviewed.

Interview you saw on television or heard on the radio

Citation examples:

Blackmun, Harry. Interview with Ted Koppel and Nina Totenberg. Nightline. ABC. WABC, New York . 5 Apr. 1994. Television.

Nader, Ralph. Interview with Ray Suarez. Talk of the Nation. Natl. Public Radio. KQED, San Francisco , 16 Apr. 1998. Television.

Interview you read in a magazine or newspaper

Citation examples:

Lansbury, Angela. "The Grand Woman of Mystery Reveals Her Own Mysteries." People 15 June 2002: 52-55. Print.

Gordimer, Nadine. "Novelist Speaks of Life, Love, Travels." New York Times 10 Oct. 1991, late ed. : C25. Print.

Interview that you conducted

1) Name of the person interviewed
2) The kind of interview (personal interview, telephone interview)
3) Date you conducted the interview

Citation examples:

Smith, Will. Personal interview. 22 July 2003.

Spears, Britney. Telephone Interview. 10 Dec. 2002.